Of Counsel

Dr Radwa joined ADSERO – Ragy Soliman & Partners in December 2019 as an Of Counsel member of the Dispute resolution team. Currently, she is the Head of ADSERO’s Research Unit, where she supervises and drafts the firm’s various forms of publications, including legislative newsletters, legal guides, and studies, frequently published on reputable legal platforms.

Dr Radwa is considered an expert in civil and commercial procedural law, where she currently holds the position of a lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Cairo University. In addition, she has amassed over ten years of academic research experience in Egypt and France, during which she assumed the position of Visitor Researcher at CUJAS Sorbonne University in Paris in 2015. Dr Radwa teaches in the Arabic, English and French section at Cairo University Law School while simultaneously teaching at the British University in Egypt after obtaining her PhD in January 2019. Furthermore, Dr Radwa has accumulated significant administrative experience as she is now Deputy Director of the French Section in the Faculty of Law, besides being a member of several committees attached to the Dean.

2019  PhD in Civil Procedural Law, “The New Methods for Exchanging Procedural Acts and Papers – A Comparative Study”, Cairo University.

2010 – Master’s degree, Cairo University.

2009 – Master’s degree – IDAI (Institut of International Business Law) Sorbonne University – Law School in International Commercial Law.

2008 – LL.B, Law School, Cairo University.

2007 – LL.B, International Commercial Law, Law School Sorbonne University (Institut of International Business Law in Cairo University).


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