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We deliver strategic insight and practical solutions to resolve disputes quickly and effectively for clients facing high-risk, difficult challenges. 

Litigation presents high-risk and difficult challenges to businesses. Court processes, arbitration and unwanted costs can easily escalate, significantly affecting cases.

We understand the importance of resolving disputes quickly and effectively in order to prevent any possible disruption to the business. By working with our clients’ needs, we deliver strategic insight and practical solutions through a tailored team, incorporating high-quality talent and technical expertise. As client service is at the core of our practice, our team members have achieved positive outcomes through our responsive and intuitive service and hands-on, pragmatic approach.

Adsero’s team members’ has an exceptional track record in high-stakes commercial litigation and international arbitration. Through our broad experience in high-value, complex and sophisticated cases, we have delivered optimal results in matters relating to local litigations, international arbitration disputes, internal corporate and forensics investigations, potential breaches of securities and other laws and cross-border disputes.

Our team members have had extensive experience representing businesses of varying profiles, such as senior level board members and executives of substantial corporates, banks, investment dealers and securities advisors. In certain circumstances, our experienced litigators, arbitrators and prosecutors have successfully defended matters in the intellectual property, telecommunications, health, education, technology, industrial and public sectors.

We have experience in conducting arbitration proceedings governed by the rules of ICC, ICSID, LCIA, HKIAC, SIAC, ICSID, UNCITRAL and Cairo Regional Center for International Arbitration Egyptian. We also have experience with forums like the Egyptian Financial Services Authority appeal committee, the General Authority For Investment appeal committee and other specialized Egyptian forums.

Our team acts on a wide range of litigation disputes in the courts and in international arbitration arising out of:
Securities disputes
White-collar crimes
Contract disputes
Employment Matters
Intellectual property
Securities commission investigations
Internal investigations that are not tailored to the risks, jurisdictions and regulators involved in the matter can significantly impact an entire organization. Our team brings in-depth knowledge on all phases of domestic and international investigations, financial crimes, criminal and civil enforcement proceedings across multiple jurisdictions, combined with local expertise that are integral to identifying and managing risk, devising and executing remedial action and protecting our clients’ reputations. Extensive experience with enforcement agencies allows us to handle potential problems arising out of cross-border and domestic white-collar criminal investigations and high-stakes enforcement actions. We also provide advice on matters relating to fraud allegations, corruption, bribery and anti-trust matters, all of which have ranged from early assessment and engagement through to enforcement and remediation.

Our collaboration with an integrated network, cross-border legal teams and foreign regulators will allow us to respond swiftly and efficiently to complex litigation challenges on an international scale.


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