As businesses become more global in scope and regulation, so do the complexities. Our deep understanding of domestic and cross-border legislations that govern regulated entities allow us to help our clients effectively navigate through this increasingly complex framework and achieve optimal development results.  

In order to value and support our clients’ decisions, we develop strong awareness and attention to the professional responsibilities, culture and priorities of our clients. This client-centric approach, along with our strategic and practical advice positions us to help our clients maneuver through regulatory investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Our ability to keep abreast in the legal and regulatory priorities, trends and concerns that impact clients across multiple jurisdictions is mainly attributed to our network of advisors across the globe. Reliable, evidence-based information gives us clear insight and perspective on competing interests in regulatory matters, which has been integral to effectively guiding and defending our clients’ decisions.

From representing clients at hearings before regulatory decision makers and tribunals to drafting white papers and policies, our international expertise enables us to advise on a wide range of regulatory matters, including:

  • Regulatory permitting and hearings
  • General regulatory compliance
  • Licensing 
  • De-regulation  
  • Regulatory audits
  • Securities
  • Privacy protection
  • General rate applications, tolls, tariffs, market rules and competitive disputes, including telecommunications proceedings
  • Securing facility, environmental and land use planning approvals, including land use redesignation, subdivision, servicing and development