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Each business is unique. Navigating through the diverse legal landscape of corporate and commercial business matters can be a daunting task without legal advice. We understand the competitive pressures in the global marketplace, and provide ongoing support through a wide range of complex matters.

Attention to our clients’ objectives and requirements has enabled us to effectively handle all their business needs at each stage of the process – from simple transactions to large scale transactions. To ensure our clients are satisfied with every level of service, we employ a client-centric approach. We are committed to delivering responsive and innovative legal services and resources to help clients thrive in their fast-paced businesses. 

With a seasoned team of specialists in corporate and commercial matters, we are best positioned to successfully represent businesses of all sizes, from some of the world’s largest multinationals to small businesses and start-ups.  

Our team members’ deep experience as both external advisors and in-house counsel enables us to take necessary steps in addressing a full range of corporate and commercial business matters relating to:

  • Shareholders agreements 
  • Partnerships and joint ventures agreements
  • Corporate governance
  • Business contracts
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Contract reviews
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Incorporations and registrations
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Corporate and commercial reorganizations
  • Start-ups’ affairs
  • Purchase/sale of businesses
  • Asset or share purchase/sale agreements
  • Minute book reconstruction
  • Corporate, commercial or contract disputes
  • Employment matters
  • Share issuances
  • Tax-driven corporate reorganizations
  • Liability issues
  • Franchise agreements
  • Commercial real estate and leasing
  • Wealth transfer options for family-owned businesses